Hello All!

Hello All!

Let me just begin by thanking you for visiting us and reading this.  A little over a year ago, I became a mom to the most wonderful, vivacious, stubborn, thinks she is a teenager little girl. I couldn't have imagined that motherhood was going to take me in such a wild journey of love, self discovery, fear, excitement, all of the emotions possible. Yes, people always tell you stuff and how it changes your life, and blah, blah, blah, but really, it is a life changing experience. I am sure if you are reading this and you are a parent to a child, you can totally relate. When people ask me what it feels to be a mom, I say that being a most is the most wonderful yet terrifying thing I have ever done! and she is only one year old! 

Also, I would have not imagined that my love for my daughter and motherhood in general, was going to lead me in this path. I would often see tees with cute sayings about motherhood and life and would buy them because they were just so cute! One day, my baby, her name is Ariela, was a little sick, she wasn't feeling well and it was one of those days that everything sucks. The weather is crappy, the dogs are barking too much, Ariela is not napping, she is miserable, I am miserable, its all bad. As soon as her beloved daddy comes home, I am ready to go to the store to get some meds to help Ariela feel better and for a much, much, much needed break! I can't wait to leave even if its just for 30 minutes!!! Of course Ariela starts crying as soon as I hand her over. I keep on telling myself its all good, she'll be fine, plus I am going to go get her some medication, so its all good and justified. My mom guilt was killing me!  As soon as I come home, she sees me, she stops crying (apparently she had been sad and crying on and off the whole 20 minutes I was away!) and her daddy hands her over and says, MAMA IS BEST, I know, MAMA IS BEST.  It was like magic, and then I thought, of course mama is best, all babies want their mama, ALL THE TIME! 

So there! that's how the idea of making T-shirts with "Mama is Best" was born. Then of course after so many troubles, tribulations, learning along the way, joys & pains, this brand came to live. None of this would have ever being possible without the support of the most wonderful man ever! Ariela is really lucky to have such a great, great father, I thank my lucky stars we met :)   

Also, my girlfriends. Their support, the fact that they were willing to wear my shirts and have their pictures taken, give of themselves, their time, their businesses, I can't thank them enough.

To not bore you any further, let me just end this by saying that love does move mountains and when you have a little one in your arms, you feel like you can do anything, you are super woman, you are super mom, your babies become your inspiration. Ariela is my inspiration, she is the reason I do this. She is the inspiration behind the brand. She is the biggest gift the universe blessed me with. Best little girl ever!!


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